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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Our last interview has been with Charlotte Ndango Makatu from Vuwani, in Venda, Limpopo. This energetic 16 year old big dreamer is a daughter of Steven Makatu and Lufuno Tshivhidzo; she is a big sister to 4 year old Gift Makatu. Charlotte lives with her grandmother Grace Tshivhidzo and is currently doing grade 11 at Edison Nesengani Secondary School in Vuwani, where she attends school. Her dream is to be a dentist.

Charlotte loves rap music, she raps all the time and everywhere, I was first introduced to her when I saw a video of her rapping in class and her classmates supporting her by playing drums with their hands on their desks, and I was sold. I thought she has a real gift. She celebrates rappers like Boity, Cardi B, and believes she sounds just like the latter; but she is very clear that her message is very different from that of Cardi B’s. Charlotte says she has not seen many female Tshivenda rappers, so she dreams of being the one to be the role model for the up and coming rap musicians in her community. She wants to be a force to reckon with like her favourite Tshivenda singer Una Rams. Charlotte would really appreciate an opportunity to talk to Una Rams as she really revels this great musical genius, she’d appreciate a word of encouragement from him not only because he hails from Venda as well but because he is really good and she looks up to him.

This humble little girl has a dream. When I spoke to her she asked me how she will be found, as she didn’t think there were many opportunities for people to be known when they are not in the city like in Johannesburg, and I told her this, “someone will find you, keep doing what you do. Keep pushing your dream, continue with your studies. Don’t work too hard trying to figure out how you will be found, someone will one day”. The same way I found her, someone will contact her and tell her they saw her video.

To everyone young person out there with a dream, continue doing what you are doing. Do not pursue help, let it find you. Do not leave your home and believe that you can make it if you come to the big city, and then end up sleeping in pavements thereby losing your dream. Guard your dream, nature it, wherever you are and continue to hone your skill and continue to strive to be the best.

Charlotte, you have been my greatest inspiration, and I know you are great. Continue to be awesome. The world needs what only you can give, you are unique, talented, uncommon and extraordinary like Una Rams. He calls himself weird and that means peculiar and uncommon. Don’t fit in. Stick out like a sore thumb and be very conspicuous.

We all have potential to be big and to reach our goals; so work on your dreams and do not let your dream lie dormant or die. Keep pushing, keep knocking, keep believing; when you least expect it, someone will call you, someone will send you a message, someone will say “hey, you have talent” – you have it!

Thought: For the gifts of God are without repentance (He won’t change His mind about the gift He gave you.) – Romans 11:29