About Transformational Speaking & Life Coaching

I have come to realize after much consideration that not only am I a motivational speaker or an inspirational speaker, but I am also a transformational speaker. I arrived at this conviction after serious deliberation and understanding of my purpose as a personal growth and development life coach and speaker, that my purpose is not just to motivate or to inspire but to help you transform your life with the ultimate goal of not just achieving absolute freedom but to being free indeed; to being who you were created to be.

What is Transformation?

Cambridge Dictionary describes it as a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that the thing or person is improved.

Transformation is an ongoing process. It does not just happen magically at a moment’s notice when you just snap your fingers and, voila, you are transformed. It takes work, dedication, and tenacity. It is the Lazarus “come forth” moment where you hear the “call” to come out of your hole, your hiding place, your comfort zone, your familiar or from your couch of perpetual indulgence where you have rested until you find yourself stuck in the permanent rest mode until you are unable to get yourself out of rest.

It is the Lazarus “come forth” moment where you hear the “call” to come out of your hole

It is that moment of waking up from a continuous and unending slumber of age-abiding halt, immobility or being stuck in a rut of no movement and no progress. Where you find yourself in repeated cycles of frustrations and you appear to be living but the truth that you know for sure is that you are just maintaining the status quo, and you can honestly tell that you have been going around in cycles and getting nowhere.

How do I help you as a transformational speaker and life coach?

I do not only provoke or stir you to taking action (only) or to just get you up and get you moving in the right direction. I give you a kick-on-the-rear type of push. I do these with the sole purpose and focus of providing a solution to a precise problem or whatever is holding you hostage, making it impossible to live a fulfilled and productive life, so that you are moving and not stuck in what appears to be normal but knowing very well that you are more than what you appear to be; that there is a butterfly in the caterpillar identity that you have so comfortably accepted, who is waiting to come out.

Transformation is realizing your true identity. Who you really are behind the mask; it is removing the veil and revealing the real you who has been hiding behind, more often than not, wrong beliefs that you have adopted and accepted over time. It is realizing your true potential, the stuff you are made of, your strengths, your power, your creativity, your uniqueness, your brilliance which has been lying dormant in you to be revealed.

Transformation is realizing your purpose, which is the reason you were created or born. Being at a point where you are in your zone, flowing easily in what you do and in who you are unapologetically, embracing the best version of yourself without trying to be someone that you are not or imitating someone else.

My focus as a transformational speaker and personal growth & development coach is on:

· Personal growth & development

This means continuous growth and embracing change in all areas of your life. As well as recognizing your true potential; which is your untapped power and strength, your hidden talents and dormant ability lying latent inside of you.

· Personal finances

Removing wrong beliefs about money as well as embracing strategies of changing the wrong mindsets about money and replacing them with empowering beliefs. This covers personal finance as well as career satisfaction and business success.

· Relationships

Developing healthy, synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships with family, friends, colleagues, networks as well as fulfilling romantic relationships.

· Healing & Wellness

Embracing healing, mental, emotional health and wellness through remedial processes such embracing the benefits of forgiveness, to progress from feeling like a victim to being totally free of guilt and blaming factors outside of your control. It also includes understanding the importance of taking responsibility and the liberating power of choices and decisions.

· Faith & Spirituality

Understanding your true identity, not the distorted identity you have adopted due to negative self-defeating thought processes and thought patterns, as well as limiting beliefs. Realizing your purpose which is the reason you were born as well as recognizing your true values and morals. Engaging in regular character-development activities and establishing spiritually enriching moments in your daily routine.

You know transformation is long overdue when:

When the familiar territory starts to irk, annoy and displease you a little bit, you begin to feel uncomfortable in your comfort zone. When you suddenly grasp that your situation is abnormal and your sudden abnormal reaction to it is actually normal behaviour. It is not lunacy, but sanity to feel strange discomfort in such situations.

It is at that impetus moment of sudden “that’s it, I want out of this” or desperation for things to change. The “I deserve better” twinkling or “I want more in life, there has to be more”.

Lesley Brown puts it this way: “many people die at 25 and only get buried at 60”. This really sums it up beautifully because many people are alive but have lost their spark and desire for life and have resigned; making plans for their death and burials instead and have completely forgotten to grow, enjoy life, dream, achieve something, aim for more. Or they do not believe there is something in them that they can give to make the world a better place.

This is what provocation or being called forth to transform is. It ignites the fire within, brings in fresh excitement and a fresh zeal and stirs up the long de-geniused genius in you to dream and achieve your goals; to rewrite your script. To blaze your own trail and go even if no one else has gone before you!!


I Want to Help You

If you have been living your life doing the usual, going to work, raising your kids, being a spouse, parent, employee, friend and everything in between, but then realize that: You no longer want to maintain the status quo! You want to transform your life, your relationships,  and your finances. You want to grow because being stuck is not fun anymore. YOU NEED A LIFE COACH!!!

Let's talk! Send me a "please call", SMS or WhatsApp to +27 81 274 8619  - to find out how you can achieve this goal, or fill in your details below and I will contact you!

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