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If you have been living your life doing the usual, going to work, raising your kids, being a spouse, parent, employee, friend and everything in between, but then realize that: You no longer want to maintain the status quo! You want to transform your life, your relationships,  and your finances. You want to grow because being stuck is not fun anymore. YOU NEED A LIFE COACH!!!

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Explaining Life Coaching

So if you have been a little confused about me describing myself as a Christian Life Coach, allow me to elaborate on that and eliminate any misunderstanding about my role.

I am not a pastor: I am not a pastor at all, nor am I trying to be one. I don’t have the makings of a pastor so I would make for a very lousy one if I tried. I do not believe that I am cut out and shaped to pastor at all. I am a Christian though. You do not have to be a Christian to be my client. I do not pray for you as my client during sessions or expect you to get “saved”. I do not teach or tell my clients to live the Christian lifestyle either.

I am not a Counselor or Therapist: I do not hold a psychology qualification which is what you need to be a counselor or therapist. Counseling and therapy is about the processing of painful emotions and dealing with past traumatic events with the aim of processing the trauma and ultimately finding healing especially from painful events like death of a loved one etc. It deals with past painful and traumatic issues.

I am a life coach: I am life coach which means that I help you with current issues in your life, things that hinder you from enjoying present and future fulfillment of life. Life coaching is mainly about results and processing of issues becomes a secondary part of it. My values are Christian based. My coaching style is also Christian based, meaning based on biblical principles. To clarify the point of my Christian values here are a few examples of my values: courage, creativity, kindness, forgiveness, respect, freedom, honesty, self-esteem, strength, understanding, wisdom, joy, determination, gratitude, confidence, contribution, integrity, independence, trust, and many more.

What is life coaching: Life coaching is about results. It is about achieving and accomplishing a specific outcome for your life. Goals are key in life coaching, that is why you have to know what it is that you want to accomplish, so as a life coach I work with you to set up goals and work with you to achieve your expected end result. Life coaching is for you if you want to develop and grow, as well as find your ultimate purpose for being born.

Life coaching is not: Life coaching is not friendship, cheerleading, counseling, therapy, pastoring or ministering, consulting or have an expert do it for you.

How do I help you as your life coach:

  • I help you clarify what you want in life

  • I help you to set and achieve your goals

  • I assist you in overcoming obstacles

  • I help you set priorities and identify your values

  • I act as a sounding board for ideas

  • I act as an accountability partner and support system

  • I help you improve your decision-making skills

  • I help resolve your problems, issues and limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back

  • I help you create an action plan to achieve your goals

  • I help you to achieve improved and better relationships, financial health and life skills in all areas of your life

  • I help you realize and achieve career success, increased productivity and making positive changes in order to live a fulfilled life

What is your responsibility as a client in all these:

  • Be willing and serious about what you want in life

  • Be committed and make time to be available for your sessions

  • Practice the skills taught daily

  • Be willing to make changes and to take action

How do I conduct life coaching sessions:

  • I conduct life coaching sessions over the phone telephonically, or via Whatsapp, or Skype or whichever method we agree on.

  • I coach individuals and groups at agreed times and venues

  • I do one hour per week sessions and they are designed per individual or group needs

  • Sessions can be as short as 4 hours which is 1 month or longer

What to expect from me:

  • To be in tune with you, to respect, accept and to not criticize and judge you

  • Total confidentiality

  • To not be self absorbed but to listen and give you my full attention and completely focus on you

  • Total support and understanding of your ambitions, desires and dreams

  • To assist you in getting you to take action and keep moving

  • To encourage and push you when it is necessary

What I focus on

Personal growth and development

If you have been living your life doing the usual, going to work, raising your kids, being a spouse, parent, employee, friend and everything in between, but then realize that:

  • something is missing in your life, that there has to be more than the usual in life;

  • that you don’t remember who you are anymore, that you have been hiding behind your roles as a parent, employee, employer, provider etc.

  • that you need to boost your self-esteem, self-worth and confidence;

  • that you are feeling overwhelmed and forgotten a little bit, like life is passing you by;

  • that you want to change the negative view of yourself as well as other people’s perception of yourself;

  • that you have wrong beliefs that are limiting you from being the best version of yourself;

  • that you want to change the wrong habits that are contrary to your values, and if you don’t even remember or know what those values are;

  • that you want career satisfaction and not just be employed at a job you hate;

  • that you want absolute fulfillment in your relationships

  • that you want to find your purpose and reach your full potential


I want you to be hungry, thirsty and desperate, no scrap that, I insist that you should be very hungry, very thirsty and very desperate. I reiterate, be very tired of going nowhere slowly, be bored of mediocre existence, stop surviving, decide you want awesome back into life.

My promise to you

Mind-blowing results; jaw-dropping outcomes and ground-breaking solutions

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