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Face to Face with Thora Thora

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

This week we bring you the story of Khaukanani Mathora also known as Thora Thora. The 33 year old was born and raised in Sanawane, Soweto; boyfriend to beautiful Tinyiko and dad to 9 year old daughter Zwoluga. He speaks very highly and greatly credits his grannies from his mother’s and dad’s sides for raising him and instilling in him good morals and ability to stand on his feet.

Thora is a sings kwaito and house in his native Tshivenda tongue. Before he found his feet in music he did stage acting, Tshivenda movies, and dance musicals; he was featured in Mbongeni Ngema’s Sarafina and has worked with big names like Vusi Kunene. This multi-talented perfectionist’s dream growing up was to be a professional soccer player and he had been to Supersport United, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates trials. He plays all positions; he is a defender, striker and goal-keeper; he says he did not want to be known by the position he played, he wanted to do it and do it all perfectly. He is a true lover of everything sports, not just soccer, but cricket and rugby too and had been a soccer commentator at various local soccer tournaments.

His first kwaito album was released in 2013, and he has been very busy making music and releasing albums since then. On the 7th of June he released a single titled “Growing up” which talks about the challenges of growing up. He celebrates and looks up to DJ Sbu and is inspired by Dupa and VGM. VGM has been a big influence to him as she encouraged him to write and perform his songs during her own performances. He is also thankful to his director Romeo Maboko - who saw his potential and took him under his wing.

Thora believes that in order to succeed and to make money, whether it is in the music industry or in any business, you have to be willing to invest your time and finances in your product and business. You have to invest in the correct equipment and props first to ensure that you support your own vision and dream. This is truly an important sentiment and one I highly esteem. Thora said, he had said no to some opportunities, I almost jumped out of my chair and choked on my coke on hearing this. I just loved him because I truly believe and live by this notion.

You have to have enough wisdom to say “NO” to some chances; don’t enter every door that appears to be open. Set very high standards for yourself and save yourself the agony, pain, frustration, heartache and money by refusing help from some people. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow with somebody chasing you down with a debt on your head, because you were too quick to say yes to an enticing opportunity they offered you when you were too young, too ignorant, had no experience, too desperate and had no wisdom to discern and you said yes. Now you owe them favours. You owe them acknowledgements; they expect payment and blackmail you continuously. It’s okay to refuse some help sometimes. Tell them “no and not yet. I’m okay. I’ll be alright and I’ll wait for another opportunity”.

I thank God daily for shut doors of opportunities. You need to do that. That way you will be free. Maybe you will suffer a little bit, but you will suffer even more if you walk around saying things like “it is who you know that will help open doors for you”. If you believe that, you are signing up for slavery. Who you know will cause you to compromise your standards. Who you know will tell you to send them your CV so that they can send it to their HR department. Don’t do it, buy yourself data, or go to an internet café and log onto company websites and look on their careers sections for jobs, upload your CV and later call the HR departments and follow up on the jobs you have applied for. You can do that and you should. Don’t be indebted to people because you were too desperate.

Allow God to prune your tree by closing some doors on you. letting some people reject and walk out on you/ Stop trying to force open doors that God has shut. Stop crying over people who walk out on you. Know that it is God who allowed them to walk away from you. It is your pruning season and though pruning season is not pleasant, it is necessary. If you want to bear much fruit, you need it. Who you know will only help you as far as bearing fruit. That is not good enough; it is just making ends meet, just surviving, just making it to the end of the month. But when God goes after you with those shears, you will bear more fruit and then much fruit.

Thought: “But Abram said to the king of Sodom, “with raised hand I have sworn an oath to the Lord, God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth, that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the strap of a sandal, so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram rich.’ - Genesis 14:22-23

Growing Up (Prod by. Patmesh Patmesh Via)

Lotsha Growing Up (Prod by. Patmesh Patmesh Via)

Growing Up (Prod by. Patmesh Patmesh Via)Growing Up (Prod by. Patmesh Patmesh Via)

Thora Thora Majiga feat Ras Canly and Romeo ThaGreatwhite Dzedzemane


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