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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

This week we had met with beautiful Phlo-Girl, real name Lindie Dlodlo, the co-founder of Creation Waits Records. This jovial 32-year-old Zimbabwean born is one of the top 20 South African based Christian Hip Hop artists, and the only female according to www.sachh.co.za

Phlo was a member of a rap group which she left when she got saved in 2008, she was not interested in pursuing rap music until she realized that this was God’s calling on her life. She believes she is a substitute because God could have used anyone, or anything really, He can raise stones to worship Him (Luke 19:40), but He chose her - this is how her unique worship ministry started.

Phlo did her first Christian rap song 11 years ago in 2008, which was called “The Answer” featuring Thuli. The inspiration behind this song was the realization that Jesus truly is the answer because she was going through a storm at the time. Having just given her life to Christ and having left the group, she also experienced a lot of rejection from Christians who knew her when she was a circular artist. Now she was saved but they could not accept her because she still looked like her old tom boy self. This song then helped her make sense of what was going on around her. She has since recorded 4 albums and is currently promoting an album which will be recorded live, towards the end of the year. She plans to do a national tour as well so look out for this astounding singing sensation and her band – oh she has her own band; this I really have to say.

I have thought a lot about people who have been substitutes. Those who said “yes” to the call and those who God just used instead of those we believe should have been used. Look at David, for example, who God chose to be the king instead of Saul, or his brother Eliab who was the first born of Jesse’s children who could have been the best candidate for most of us, or Esther who became the queen and became a substitute for queen Vashti who disrespected her husband or Jacob who received the blessing of his father which should have been Esau’s, and many others. I have learned that throughout the bible, God is big on substitutes. So, when He calls, you have to answer - even when everyone believes you do not qualify for the call.

You cannot therefore wait until you feel qualified, or wait for human approval. If you refuse to do it, I want to tell you, you will see someone else doing it, and you will wonder how they got the same idea that you thought was your own original idea. God will raise His own substitute who will do, and go and stand up and move when He tells them to. Substitutes are usually less qualified so don’t give away your calling, dreams, ideas, creativity, to someone else because you are afraid to act, or feel intimidated, or are waiting to be perfect, or have enough money, have a car, a house, get married, have kids, or be accepted by people. Get up and do it afraid, do it empty, do it alone, do it with everyone pointing fingers at you reminding you of your weaknesses and faults.

Phlo-Girl has had a fair share of troubles, from sickness, to a painful break-up, financial woes and everything in between. You can see the pain in her eyes as she relates her story. It is painful, she has been through way too much, I am sure she has had many thoughts of wanting to purchase a single trip plane ticket to nowhere and never come back. You see, nobody is immune to problems or difficulties, we are all going through something at any given time, but you cannot sit still and watch the world go by. People live their lives and pursue their dreams.

Celebrate the fact that you are a unique individual - there is no one like you. You have a calling on your life, even if nobody gets it, or understands or approves. God has given you gifts and talents so do what He tells you to do. Wait on Him only and nobody else for approval and direction.

Thought: “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance” – Romans 11:29

Instagram: @Phlo-Girl

Facebook: Phlo-Girl

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqQBs86iQfeiAmazIPZ4lw

Buy her latest album here.

Stream 'This is War' on Spotify or Apple Music

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