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Just Do It

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

In the 2008 action comedy, Hancock, Jason Bateman plays the character of Ray, a public relations specialist trying to change the world by offering his ‘All Heart Symbol’. He is trying to help change the public image of companies, products etc. He encourages one company to do what he refers to as ‘charitable giving’, promising them that they will be amongst a select group of corporate giants to bare the all heart symbol on their products - which will say to the world that their company has made a radical contribution in helping the world, and all they need to do to qualify is to give for free their new T.B. drug to those who would die without it.

He is received with a lot of confusion, frustration and rejection. Doors are consistently shut in his face. On his way home one day, he is stuck in traffic, and he hears a sound, and sees a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ - a solution to his problem you think? WRONG! It is an oncoming train, speeding towards him and everyone. He shouts, honks his horn, tries to force open his door but breaks the handle. Nobody is moving - there is nowhere to go and so he waits - waits to die.

Suddenly there is a knocking on the hood of his car. Hancock (Will Smith) had come to the rescue, he rams into the train and it stops, thereby saving Ray’s life and everyone there. Hancock is a superhero who is hated by the public because he is always drunk and his methods are not always conventional and suitable. He always leaves behind a trail of destruction – even though he believes he is helping. After saving Ray and flying him home, Ray gets an idea to help change Hancock’s public image. He tells him, you are a superhero, but people hate you when they should love you. And so he starts to concentrate on changing this one man’s image. It is not easy at first, Hancock had to go to jail and sit and wait – wait to be needed, wait for the city to realize that they need him because with him in prison, crime will increase, and it does, finally the city realizes they need him. When he gets out, he is confident - he walks with confidence, he is feeling so good about himself, looking handsome too (did I mention that this is Will Smith… yes I did), he is just throwing compliments around to everyone “good job, good job”, he tells the cops on duty – this is all he had ever wanted to hear from people.

Are you doing something that nobody appreciates, or are you hoping someone will notice what you are doing and applaud you, maybe encourage you and tell you “well done, keep going”, or to hold your hand? Are you waiting for someone to pick you up and motivate you? Sometimes there is no one to encourage you, or to see your worth or to value you. Like Ray, sometimes people might never see your vision and want to run with it. Like Hancock, all your efforts might be met with rejection and disapproval. It is time to stop trying to get feedback, and to just encourage yourself, pick yourself up and JUST DO IT. JUST ACT ON BECOMING WHO YOU WANT TO BE!

When Entrepreneur Bryan Elliot was trying to start a business, he was longing for a word of encouragement, so he contacted Seth Godin, author and former dot com business executive, he refused to talk to him. Bryan had been rejected by his biological mother who after many years of searching, he finally found. He had written a letter to her, included pictures of himself and his family, saying how happy he was to have found her and how he would love to have a relationship with her. Her lawyers had written back to him saying indeed this was his biological mother but she wanted nothing to do with him, and that he needed to stop contacting, her failing which, she would take legal action against him. He was crushed by this rejection of his biological mother. He wasn’t sure how to move past this pain. Now he was looking for advice from Godin who he believed in but had also rejected him, refusing to talk to him. But after much of Elliot’s persistence, Godin said to him, “listen, you need to realize that nobody is coming to help you, you are on your own, do what you have to do”. Bryan took this advice and ran with it. Now years later, he is a successful business man and he credits his success to this advice. Oh, and he found his father who welcomed him into the family and showed him love.


Thought: Judges 6:12 “And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour” (great courage, bravery) - God said he was a mighty man of great courage while he was afraid hiding!