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Living Life Without Limits

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

This time we talked to siblings Matikoe (25) and Rannana Nkobolo (23) who reside in Daveyton with their parents, they are a family of nine including their niece. Their parents Malefa and Rethabile Lehlwesa are unemployed. Matikoe and Rannana both matriculated in Muriel Brand School in Brakpan and are currently enrolled at ICan Academy studying Business Administration. Matikoe does her practicals at EMPD in Daveyton and Rannana does his at Ekurhuleni Customer Care Centre in Daveyton.

Matikoe and Rannana both use wheelchairs; they have been diagnosed with what is called Seuee Kyphoscoliosis also known at paraplegic which affects bone growth. They are very clear in pointing out that they are not ill, and that what they have is not a disease or virus but a disability. Their morning routine includes waking up around 5:00am. Matikoe says she prays first and speaks motivational words to herself before she starts her day, while Rannana believes music as well as prayer plays a huge role in motivating him and helps him escape from his problems. They take three taxis daily from Daveyton to Parktown and back. They do their own beds and iron their own clothes, they don’t mind help now and again, but prefer to do everything themselves.

These two siblings have an amazing appetite for life. Matikoe wanted to be a fashion designer or makeup artist, but later realized that she enjoys helping people especially those in the same situation that she and her brother are in, to accept themselves and understand that there is more to life than feeling sorry for oneself. Matikoe wants to help those people who have lost hope, while making money as well. Rannana wants financial freedom, to own businesses, make lots of money, own homes and drive his own cars, not just own them, but drive them.

Many people who do not have disabilities and are able have stopped living their lives, dreaming and pursuing their dreams. Many of these are sitting with educational qualifications but are unable to think about how they can improve their lives if they are not finding employment. Many are blaming everyone for their struggles except themselves. They are blaming the government for their unemployment, their family members, their communities, their upbringing but not themselves. The truth is how your life is right now, is as a result of your own choices.

I have had conversations with people who would complain about their situations, but as soon as you suggest something that will cause them to think hard and to make changes, they would disappear, because many people want you to be the one to think for them, bring the idea and walk them through it without putting any effort so that when it fails they can blame someone else and not take responsibility for it. You have to get to a point in your life where you realize that you cannot blame someone forever for your problems, you have to own up to the fact that you are not willing to think, or see beyond what you see.

I read an article about how Australian born motivational speaker and evangelist, Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs had to overcome ignorance and discrimination to build what he calls a “ridiculous good” life that he realized his mission which is to use his “disability” to start conversations that changes lives. Nick has spoken in more than 57 countries on topics such as bullying, inspiring positive change, persistence and determination and talks about his own life as well. No matter where he goes, he communicates one core message, that no matter what your circumstance, you can overcome.

Matikoe believes that you have to have a thick skin, be brave and stop pretending to be humble in order to avoid ruffling a few feathers or fear stepping on people’s toes. Rannana believes that you have to save yourself because no one else will, keep going in spite of difficulties.

We all have great potential to be great, to do great, to dream and to achieve our dreams. The world needs what only you can do, make, produce, or manufacture. Someone once invented a coffin, I am sure they were thinking about death, probably not their own. Someone invented makeup, someone came up with the convenience of sliced bread, and someone invented matte lipstick, my all time favourite. I once read how Martin Cooper of Motorola is known to have produced the first hand-held mobile phone and his first call was to his rival Dr Joel Engel. Invent something so great that some people’s jobs will be to perfect your creation.

Thought: “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it”. – Numbers 13:30