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The Founder

From the moment I watched The Founder, I knew I was in for a rude awakening. I learned that being delayed does not necessarily mean you are denied. Ray Kroc was going nowhere slowly, until the day he was divinely connected to the McDonald’s brothers. I am a firm believer that things do not just happen in life, that you do not just meet people by chance, that those are divine appointments, this is why I believe that God initiated their meeting, that first order of six milkshake makers was to cement Ray’s destiny; in the same token, all his connections in the whole movie were divine connections that helped catapult him to his purpose and destiny.

He was just a dreamer, a hustler, he had a big hunger for success, and so when he saw the McDonald restaurant, he was drawn to it, he wanted to help the brothers grow it nationally, to franchise it, he did not for one minute think that he could own it, he just wanted to be a part of it, the brothers did not buy his big franchise idea because they had tried it before and it did not work, so they did not want to go that route again, they believed it was better to run one business and run it perfectly well.

When an opportunity presented itself for Ray to be part of the McDonald’s business, he welcomed it and grabbed it with both hands, and he ran with it. He did not think for one moment that he could own McDonald’s.

Sometimes you need to realize when to let go of relationships that are not helping you to get to your destination, he realized that his relationship with his rich friends was not helping him in any way, it was holding him back, they did not believe in him and did not value his dream, they actually mocked and laughed at all his dreams and aspirations. His wife was no better either, he tried to get her to see things the way he saw them, to support his vision, but she was not, she just did not see it, she wanted to enjoy life, she felt they had made it in life, that Ray needed to sit down and enjoy their beautiful house and the company of their friends, but nothing was going to stand in Ray’s way, nothing was going to quench this thirst, this hunger was too big!

Every morning Ray would wake up and listen to a word of encouragement, he played tapes that helped boost his appetite, because he was not getting any inspiration, support and reassurance from his wife and friends, he got it from the tapes he listed to on a daily basis and that is how he believed he was capable of doing great things and believed he was to dream big.

Everyone who came to Ray’s life to help him with the business, played a pivotal role in his success, they brought with them great ideas, new ways of doing business, from the estate idea, the powdered milkshake idea to the hand-shake basis agreement; everything and everyone had a purpose in Ray’s life, to help shape it and direct him.

I believe it was Ray’s appointed time, his set time, due time to be successful, no one was going to be able to stand in his way because this was God’s doing, no flesh was in control of it, not even Ray himself. He said when he first saw the name McDonald’s when he first arrived at the restaurant, he couldn’t help but love it, he knew there was something unique and exceptional about it, he saw what no one else would see.

Don’t stop dreaming just because someone, friends, family do not believe in you, encourage yourself, God will bring people your way who will help you reach your destiny, your future, your expected end. He has people like Simon of Cyrene who will help carry your cross so you can move forward and fulfil your calling, you purpose and reach your destination.

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