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Over-Incubation Can Sabotage Your Success

Updated: Feb 3

It is true that to succeed in every area of life you need help. We look for assistance from people who seem knowledgeable in the area of our interest, and we lean on them for direction and advice oftentimes to our detriment and impairment. It is good to have someone to look up to, who can pour wisdom and offer advice and direction in times of need, it is even great if the said person has your best interest at heart and genuinely wants to hold your hand and guide you to your successful destination.

The problem comes when you find that you are so covered, so sheltered and overly protected that what seemed like it was going to benefit you ends up becoming your downfall. You have to understand the value of your dream, goal, business, vision, life, realize just how costly it is to be you, to have your dream, to have sleepless nights over your dream, you will guard it, you will be jealous of it, you will not give it away to just about anyone who promises you the world to run with it. It is yours. Fight for it. It is not every womb that should incubate you, some are not necessarily driven by a need to sincerely see you succeed but by selfish ambition to succeed at your expense if you allow them.

So how do you break free from the suppression of overprotection?

1. Be jealous of your dream: your dream should be so important to you that you should not trust just about anyone with it unless they genuinely believe in you and your dream and are willing to be with for the long haul.

2. Make your own decisions: no mentor should make decisions for you in relation to your dream, business or life in general. Make it a point to solicit their advice when necessary but there has to be clear boundaries as to who the visionary is, and it is you and nobody else.

3. Cut unhealthy ties: set goals for yourself and know where you want to be and by when, as far as monetization strategies as well as how you define success by your own standards. If you find it impossible to pursue your personal goals, because of someone's ill advice, who believe that for instance that “you are not ready to make money” or “you are not yet well known” cut ties with them and go solo. Don’t even give them a chance to talk you out of it, decide immediately to break from this imprisonment. You will struggle a bit at first but you will be able to think clearly. So go on and blaze your own trail.

Fight to be free, it will not be easy undoubtedly, but you will be free. Your experienced mentor will probably throw in an insult when you go, blackmail here or there and a threat to top it off; but look right ahead, keep moving, they'll be frustrated, they'll tell you how they discovered you and made you, they'll tell you that you are nothing without them. Ignore all that, keep moving, they'll live and so will you. You will succeed alone. Work hard, believe that you are well able, you are capable. You will succeed. Believe in yourself. Just do it!!!