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If you have been living your life doing the usual, going to work, raising your kids, being a spouse, parent, employee, friend and everything in between, but then realize that: You no longer want to maintain the status quo! You want to transform your life, your relationships,  and your finances. You want to grow because being stuck is not fun anymore. YOU NEED A LIFE COACH!!!

Let's talk! Send me a "please call", SMS or WhatsApp to +27 81 274 8619  - to find out how you can achieve this goal, or fill in your details below and I will contact you!

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Thank You!

I want to truly say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support of my blog. I am humbled and grateful every time I look at the report. Thank you to all of you who always take time share the link to my website. Thank you to all of you who always call or send messages to let me know how the blog is helping you. Thank you to all of you who allow me to interview you and write your stories. Thank you to my family and friends for their love, understanding and support especially when I use their stories and experiences on my blog. To my assistant who always goes beyond the call of duty, who really wakes up every time I have a thought or suggestion, you have every right to look for another job but you chose me instead, I cannot thank you enough.

Special appreciation to my ex-husband who has enriched my life so much with experience and whose surname I wear proudly on my head. Thank you.

I really just want to especially acknowledge the following people:

Polite Mpofu, Zamokuhle Zimu, Thato Kekana, Lindie Dlodlo, Mantsimana Nthejane, Ts’eliso Ntoi, Morde Pitela, Rhoda Kekana, Sina Joshua, Sammy Masehe, Mantlokholo Leshota, Palesa Mpela, Judith Kimoto, Agnes Serobanyane, Mamojakisane Mojakisane, Michael Pitela, Rhemie Kekana, Ntebo Ntoi, Thora Thora, Limpho Ntoi, Given Mafhala, Vinolia Langa, Molefi Moeketsi and many others

The blog started in the middle of April, and by the end of April, we had 962 page views and 76 users.

Here is the May report:

Thank you for your support everybody

To God alone be the glory!