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A Lion in the Police Cell

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

One morning, the radio news headline said “a lion that escaped from the Karoo National Park found himself spending the night sedated in a police cell”. I thought that was odd. I wondered what the lion would do the minute the sedative wore off - when he realized that he was held in a police cell, a place not designed for animals, but humans. This was not normal

Sometimes we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations - sedated, knocked out by situations that are unusual, and we feel imprisoned and unable to do anything about them. Situations so far beyond human reasoning and explanation that no one would even begin to comprehend what you’re going through.

You see, sedatives only last for a moment. They control you for a little while and then they wear off. “This too will wear off - this too shall pass”. I am sure you have heard this said before. It has become a bit of a cliché –but it rings true.

A while back, soon after being divorced and having to single-handedly raise three children, I had financial difficulties. I struggled to put food on the table, and our lights were constantly switched off. I would go to our local municipal office to make arrangements to have them switched on, and every time I went there, I would meet this man who was there to make the same arrangement for his numerous properties. He had about five properties that he was renting out to people, but he was unable to pay for their lights – even with their rent money. We eventually became friends, primarily because we would meet here and discuss ‘lights’ - that was all we ever discussed.

Many years later, when I ran into him, the lights had become an obsolete problem, but I had a new problem, so in our discussion, I told him it the new problem, he said “this too shall pass; I was looking for a more concrete solution to my problem, you see. I was looking at the current state of life, the car he was driving, and it just so happened that he was looking at my life and the car I was driving at that time, and knew that things had changed even though I didn’t see the change – this is what he said months later when we met again and he told me what he was seeing. I realized that I needed to learn to ‘see beyond what I saw’. To see beyond the present!

Back to the lion - now, in the morning, they knew that the lion could not spent another day or night in a human prison, so it was sent back to the park where it belonged - where he was able to roam freely and live like a lion.

Similarly, the problems that we face, and the prisons that we find ourselves in, are only temporary. This is not to say it is not real. Yes, the pain is real, the frustration is real - but it is not permanent, it is temporary. The imprisonment is not even there to hurt or harm you. God knows how much heat you can take, so know that He is with you in the fire. Job says, “but He knows the way that I take, when He has tried (tested) me, I shall come forth as gold” Job 23:10. Believe that the trials, tests, frustrations, and this trying of your faith works patience, endurance and perseverance – James 1:13.

Believe me when I tell you this, you will rise up again. You will dream again. You will do again, you will smile again. Life will make sense again. You will achieve again – this is a temporary setback, obstacle, and hindrance. God is with you. He is holding your hand, and is walking with you through it all.

Thought: Psalm 124: 2-3: “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men rose against us, they would have swallowed us quick when their wrath was kindled against us”

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